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The Divine Scheme by Ujjal Mandal

The Divine Scheme by Ujjal Mandal

In ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ Lord Krishna said: “Fix your mind on Me alone, rest your thoughts on Me alone, and in Me alone you will live hereafter”. It depicts the way to perfection to the Almighty through endless devotion and celestial love. This book focuses on great aesthetic pleasure and psychic development through all ages. Swami Girijatmananda Maharaj is a devoted soul of God. In every era God has appeared to eradicate the evils. Today He has come to lead us from shadow to light, from ignorance to literacy. He has embroidered the Inferno sewn with the thread of supple beauty, endowed Ganguria– the village with philosophical profundity and great altitude of enlightenment and reconciled an old skirmish between disdain and phobia. God, ‘You made Ganguria an ultimate abode decked with platonic ideal of love and mosaic complexion’.



THE DIVINE SCHEME will give privilege to realize the existence of God on the earth. Keep trying in touch of Lord and one day you’ll win His blessings. In other words, this book is the manifestation of divine power creating by the combination of mind and heart. I hope this gem will fill the gaps and fissures of your spiritual domain. Keep reading! Keep loving!

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